Sentence Completion

Much work has been done in the area of sentence completion by Psychotherapist and Author, Nathaniel Branden. It is highly recommended you work in conjunction with his book, "THE ART OF SELF-DISCOVERY."

Sentence completion is a two-part process. In part one of the process, you create a sentence stem. The stem is the first part of a sentence. In part two of the process, you create a sentence ending to the sentence stem.

For example, if you create the following sentence stem, "If my inner child could speak this is what he would say".

You might come up with the following sentence ending "How about we go play!"

You would then continue coming up with as many sentence endings to the original sentence stem as you felt comfortable with. We recommend you come up with at least 12-sentence endings per sentence stem.

NOTE: you only create one sentence stem per session, but come up with several sentence endings.

Basic Steps
Select the Sentence Completion option from the main menu. Then type a sentence stem in the prompt box at the top of the screen, and press the ENTER key.

The sentence stem remains on top of the screen and an empty prompt box appears beneath it in which you type the sentence ending. After typing in the sentence ending, you would press the ENTER key.

You will then be prompted to type another sentence ending. Each sentence ending is counted as one cycle. Your sentence stem and subsequent sentence endings are saved to the Sculptor 3 database for later review.

When practicing sentence completion, it is normal to sometimes feel blocked and find it difficult to supply an immediate sentence ending. The solution is to just do it anyway. If necessary make up the sentence endings.

To finish the session, select "Off" from the Sentence Completion drop down menu.

Sample sentence stems and guidelines from the book "Art of Self Discovery."

To get you started, here are some sample sentence stems from the book, "THE ART OF SELF-DISCOVERY." You only work with one of these sentence stems at a time, and come up with as many different sentences endings as you feel comfortable with.

  • If I surrender to the process of change…
  • If I were willing to be vulnerable…
  • When I feel connected with what really matters to me…
  • One of the ways I sometimes obstruct my own success is…
  • One of the things I want out of life is…
  • I like myself most when, in dealing with others, I…

Do not be concerned with the content. You will have time to analyze it later.

  • Pay attention to being at ease and as relaxed as possible. Let your response come in a free flowing, easy manner.
  • Do not be concerned if some replies contradict one another. At this stage, simply be open to what comes up.
  • Keep them short.
  • Before typing, repeat the stem silently or aloud to yourself.
  • Do not take your sentence completion statement as fact. Sometimes the messages may seem unclear.

A "Question and Answer" approach to sentence completion

To adapt the sentence completion technique to the question and answer technique, enter any of the following (see below) questions as a sentence stem, and then come up with as many answers to the question as you feel comfortable with.

Answering the questions is designed to help you get clear on what you want, and why you do not already have it. Answering the below questions could help you release powerful blocked energies that may be preventing you from attaining your goals.

  • What would you like to manifest in your life right now?
  • What would manifesting (? _______) do for you?
  • What would manifesting (? _______) give you?
  • How would you feel if you had (? _______) in your life right now?
  • Why do you want (?_______)?
  • Why don't you want (?_______)?
  • What negative beliefs do you have around Abundance?
  • Why is Abundance not already a part of your life?
  • What negative beliefs do you have around Ideal Relationships?
  • Why are Ideal Relationships not already a part of your life?
  • What negative beliefs do you have around Ideal Health?
  • Why is Ideal Health not already a part of your life?

See the Sculptor 3 “User’s" web site for additional information about Sentence Completion.

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