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What if I don't like any of the sample affirmations?
If you don't like any of the sample affirmations, we suggest either modify the one closest to your requirements or create one of your own. Using words that have personal meaning for you will create a much more powerful affirmation.

What are the benefits of the Visual Aid feature?
Using the Visual Aid feature, even for a short time, enables you to recall, in detail, the elements of the illustration. By combining the elements from the 12 illustrations into one scene, you have a representation of the overall content in a single image. Thus, supplying the conscious mind with complete intellectual understanding of the overall subject.

Why does the light bulb keep popping up?
The image of the light bulb conveys to the subconscious mind our request for an idea or some information.

What we want to do here is have the image of the light bulb convey to our subconscious mind that we are requesting information. The light bulb then becomes a trigger for subconscious assistance. Remember you are the captain (consciousness) directing the servant (subconscious) to perform an action.

Affirmations not working

My affirmation doesn't seem to be working. Why?
While affirmations are undoubtedly very powerful, it sometimes happens that obstacles may be present that are preventing your progress.

Many of your beliefs have been with you for a long time and additional work may be required before your affirmation is accepted. Repetition is a major factor in implanting the affirmation and in some cases it may take a little longer to get results.

  • You need to be precise with regards to what it is that you desire. If you want a better job, you must detail what constitutes a better job for YOU. Being vague and imprecise leaves the subconscious confused and unsure of what to do. Writing down our goals PRECISELY provides the subconscious with clear instructions. It is also VERY important that you can clearly imagine that which you are affirming.
  • When you have inner resistance to that which you are affirming, this makes you doubt its validity. A belief is operating which may be counter to that which you have been affirming. An essential part of working with affirmations is learning to transform these undesirable beliefs into ones that you do desire.

The Response Section provides us with an excellent tool for dealing with such situations.

If the affirmation is precisely worded, stated a sufficient number of times, feels comfortable, is clearly imagined and is emotionally charged, then the only obstacle or obstacles blocking its realization come from your own unconscious. A review of your responses should offer valuable insights into what may be hindering your progress. You can access your response by selecting the "Response" option from the main menu.

Collecting response
When practicing your affirmations, after you type in the affirmation, you will be asked to type in a response to your affirmation. The responses should be allowed to have a free, flowing passage. Just allow them to pop into your awareness, without straining or forcing them. You may experience anger, sadness or other emotions. This is normal and there is no need to be alarmed. In time, these negative thoughts will disappear using this process.

Note: sometimes these thoughts will be of a positive nature, while at other times they will be negative. Just go along with the process and trust that higher intelligence is guiding you.

What we are doing here is bringing material from unconscious into our conscious awareness where it can be experienced and released.

Analyzing the responses
If after practicing your affirmation for 12-Days you were not satisfied with the results, you could:

  1. Analyze the responses for insights into why you may be resisting that which you have been affirming.

    For example if you have been affirming, "I am prosperous", and you find many responses mentioning lack, you may want to create an affirmation that would address the issue of lack. An appropriate affirmation would be "This is a rich universe and there is plenty for all of us".
  2. Continue working with the original affirmation while applying the principles of repetition, emotions, visualization and clearing with the response's feature.

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