Why use the Sculptor 3 program? You will experience some very powerful advantages using the Sculptor 3 software package over other traditional static affirmation techniques. These advantages are the unique integration of subliminal messages, audio trigger stimuli and subconscious symbolism, alpha brain waves, and "It Works" eBook with accompanying writing assignments that are coupled with storytelling visuals. All of these powerful techniques are incorporated into one simple 12-Day Program that is easy to understand, and easy to use.

With Sculptor 3, you can accomplish your goals faster and with less conscious effort. Here's why. By following the guidelines established for using this software, you can achieve the results you desire with minimum conscious effort. As you are about to discover, the successes you achieve during the first 12-Day practice will provide positive reinforcement that fosters your continuing success.

Once you complete your first 12-Day Affirmation program, the benefits of successive 12-day programs are accumulative. In other words, the benefits of each goal you achieve are compounded and complemented with each successive goal attained thereafter. That makes your personal aspirations achievable within a minimal time frame.

Here's the real "magic" of the Sculptor 3 affirmation program. For both work and play, computer software makes completing tasks faster, easier and consistent, as well as yields more accurate results. The same is especially true with the Sculptor 3 software. Utilizing the power of computerization, Sculptor 3 combines the most effective tools known for producing lasting success. Audio triggers, subliminal messages, alpha sound technology, and story-telling visuals and symbols are all integrated in this one software package. And all of these tools are controlled by you and can be personalized to help you achieve your specific goals.

What's more, you'll appreciate the simplicity of Sculptor 3; how all of these tools come together in an easy to follow 12-Day program.

How to use the Userís Guide

To get the most out of Sculptor 3, you should read this Userís Guide carefully before you begin. It is assumed you are familiar with Windows. If not, please refer to your Windows manual in the event Sculptor 3 instructs you to perform a software function you are not familiar with.

This Sculptor 3 Userís Guide is divided into the following sections:

Getting Started:
After you read this introduction, your next step is to prepare Sculptor 3 for use. You will be instructed on how to do this in the section titled, "Getting Started".

This section deals with the incorporation of proven affirmation techniques with visual imagery, brain wave Alpha sound technology, subliminal messages, audio trigger responses and symbols used in this software.

As an adjunct to affirmations, the continuing use of meditation is recommended to further reinforce and empower your goals.

Brain Wave Player:
Enables you to play brain wave sound files while you practice your affirmations. These sound files have been especially designed to lead you into a deep, relaxed state of mind.

The 12-Day Program incorporates 12 illustrations with accompanying stories. In the Libraries section, you'll find each story, as well as its background image.


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