Goal Setting

Once you have established an area you feel needs work, you must then establish your goal. This is best accomplished in steps. As an example, if your goal is to become a Bank Manager, and at present you are a Teller, you must define the steps for your progress to becoming a Bank Manager. By breaking down a major goal, it becomes easily achievable. And as each step is realized, you have a sense of accomplishment, which provides motivation for the next step. It is important that you set realistic goals as opposed to false goals, such as winning a million dollars in the lottery!

Information is necessary to help you to achieve your goal. In the Bank Manager example, information about the bank, such as positions available and qualifications required are all pieces of information you will need in achieving the steps to your final goal.

In general, your affirmations should also lead to a plan of action. This means, don't just sit there - do something! Even if you have no experience in the area or if the fear of failure is nagging in the back of your mind, just take that first step you have outlined for achieving your goal. Regardless of your goal, by taking the first step towards it, you are already one step closer to its attainment. And with each step, it gets closer.

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