Brain Wave Player

Accessible from within the Setup program, the "Brain Wave Player" offers a selection of brain wave sound files that can be played while you are using Sculptor 3.

Theory Behind Brain Waves

EEG and the brain's state

EEG (Electroencephalograph) technology is used to measure brain wave activity from the surface of the scalp.

The resulting EEG contains frequencies ranging from 0Hz through 30Hz. The frequencies are categorized into four groups, and contain the following three headings: State, Frequency range, and State of mind.

  • Delta  0.5Hz - 4Hz Deep Sleep
  • Theta  4Hz - 8Hz Meditation
  • Alpha  8Hz - 14Hz Light Relaxation
  • Beta 14Hz - 30Hz Highly Alert and Focused

You're current state of mind corresponds to your dominant EEG frequency range in brain wave activity. If your brain activity were producing frequencies in the 12Hz through 18Hz range, you would be in the "Highly alert and focused Beta state".

Entering desired states
By applying an external stimulus to the brain, we are able to lead the brainís state, from one frequency range to another.

For example, you could direct a person in the "Alert and Focused Beta state" into the "Light Relaxed Alpha state". This technique is called the "frequency-following response" effect.

Sculptor 3 utilizes the use of brain wave technology and the "frequency-following response" effect by including the powerful "Brain Wave Player" in Sculptor 3.

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