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Affirming Love: Affirmations That Will Create More Love in Your Relationship

Who amongst us doesn't deserve fulfilling, happy, satisfying relationships? We all need a lover, companions and people with whom we can share our love, fears, happiness, and sorrows. Through the use of goal visualization, affirmation and self-image techniques, we can attract these relationships.

Empower yourself

Affirmation: "I am special and deserve love."

This simple yet effective affirmation empowers you to receive the universal love you deserve.

Affirmation: "Everyone is special and deserves love and respect."

This affirmation empowers you, the people you know and meet on a daily basis.

Once your thoughts towards others are positive, you will notice a positive change in their behavior towards you. Once you believe you deserve love, this love will manifest. And as you realize that everyone deserves your love and respect, so too will this manifest.

From two such simple affirmations, your entire attitude to your own self-image and your interaction with others will change. This is through the power of affirmations. By the use of positive affirmations, we can create positive changes to occur in our lives!

Self-Healing: Affirmations for Achieving and Maintaining Optimum Health

Heal Yourself Through Affirmations

Research has shown that the mind can play a part in influencing a person's sickness or health. Recent trends have demonstrated the beneficial effects of treating disease and sickness with visualization techniques and self-suggestion.

Dr. Carl Simonton of the Fort Worth, Texas Cancer Counseling and Research Center talks enthusiastically about these breakthroughs. "We think people are now beginning to realize how much the mind and the physical body are intertwined.... We know that the same pathways that are used to transmit negative things, like cancer growth, can also be used to transmit positive things that can eventually restore a person to health".

Positive Affirmation
At the turn of the century, Dr. Emile Coue became a pioneer in affirmation techniques, curing patients in Europe and North America. His simple yet powerful affirmation was:

"Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."

He taught his patients to repeat this affirmation for two minutes each morning and evening. That's all and the results were dramatic. He went on to write several books on the subjects and helped cure thousands of patients in both Europe and North America.

Education: Affirmations for Optimum Learning Abilities

Improve your learning skills
Use your mindís natural power to improve your learning skills and to remove imaginary limitations. It's well known that the human mind is one of the most powerful tools we possess. Yet research has shown that we only use a small amount of its capacity, conservatively estimated at 10%. Even the Einsteinís amongst us only use marginally more. So, if your ambition is to become another Einstein, you can! In theory, you could be ten times smarter!

An example of a self-limitation would be thinking, "Oh, I could never do that." Or, "Oh, but they are so much smarter than me." By removing these self-limitations, we boost our self-esteem and become aware of our self-worth. We become more confident. Hence, bringing about a change to our self-image.

Success Through Affirmations
By using positive affirmations, we can create positive changes in our lives.

Affirmation: "I now have easy access to universal knowledge."

Affirmation: "Today, I will use 100% of my mind's capacity."

These are examples of positive affirmations, which through daily repetition become a reality!

Affirmation for Increased Sales Performance

Increase Sales Through Positive Attitude
Make sales ($$$) you've only ever imagined! Through the use of positive affirmation and goal visualization techniques, you can become a super salesperson!

By the use of positive affirmations, we can create positive changes to occur in our lives.

Affirmation: "I love my job. I am an excellent sales person."

Affirmation: "More smiles, more sales!"

These are examples of positive affirmations, which through daily repetition become your reality.

An example of a negative affirmation is "Today, I wonít blow that sale." By subconsciously repeating such self-limiting thoughts, we are encouraging ourselves to fail. Break free from this trap and re-program your subconscious mind to help you remove all these self-limiting barriers and MAKE THOSE SALES ($$$) a reality!

The Will to Win: Sports Affirmations to Empower, Energize & Motivate

Become A Winner
By the use of positive affirmations, we can create positive changes to occur in our lives.

Affirmation: "Every day I am getting stronger and stronger."

This is an example of a positive affirmation, which through repetition becomes a reality!

A famous example is Dr. Roger Bannister's running of the sub-four-minute mile. For years, sportsmen had thought this feat was beyond human ability. Dr. Bannister thought correctly that this barrier was imaginary. Surprisingly, soon after he succeeded in breaking the "impossible" four-minute barrier, scores of other athletes were also able to match his performance. For years, this false barrier had only been a product of the human mind. Dr. Bannister's faith in himself proved more powerful. Dispel your false limitations and become a winner!

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