Advanced Options

The following four options are available when you turn on the advanced features. The advanced features can be turned on from within the setup program.

The Plan
The plan can be thought of as the "Central Document". From here you will be directed to:

  • Read the accompanying eBook, which is accessible from the main menu
  • Review lessons to help you implement the teaching from the eBook
  • Complete writing assignments based on the eBook, which are accessible from the main menu

Sculptor 3 includes an eBook, which will further expand on the teachings you have already learned within Sculptor 3.

Sculptor 3 includes a selection of writing assignments related to the lessons presented in the eBook.

Just the act of typing out these assignments, and seeing them "out there" can help make them "real" to YOU! Please don't skip these writing assignments. They are very powerful.

Also, from within the assignments, you will be directed to complete certain activities that are related to Sculptor 3 operations, such as:

  • Constructing an affirmation
  • Defining your goals
  • Creating subliminal messages

Tip and Techniques
This option offers advanced techniques that will help you further empower your affirmation practice.

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